AroidLife Premium Chunky Aroid Grow Mix - Coco Coir, Coconut Husks, Pumice, Charcoal, Worm Castings - FREE SHIPPING!!!

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 - Fills (3) three (6) six inch pots

AroidLife Premium Chunky Grow Mix is an exceptional aroid mix formulated with ingredients designed to support strong healthy roots and plant growth. Coco Coir helps retain moisture, Pumice, Charcoal and Coconut Husks increase aeration efficiency, and Worm Castings supply the proper nutrients plants love.

AroidLife Premium Chunky Grow Mix is a great purchase when you buy your new plant, or are repotting your existing plants.

What are the benefits of using AroidLife Premium Grow Mix?
- Quality Ingredients = Quality Results
- Grow Mix is Eco-Friendly and Reusable
- Excellent Water Retention
- Superb Aeration with Coconut Husks and Pumice
- Coco Coir has a Natural PH Range
- Reduces Risk of Pests

You’ll receive a 32 oz bag of AroidLife Premium Grow Mix that fills three (3) six (6) inch pots.

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