Indoor plant care can be an easy uncomplicated task, however it’s important to research the plant you purchased for specifics on their individual needs.  Most plants are adaptable to year round indoor conditions.  There are many conditions that need to be met for your plant to thrive.  The most important core conditions are: Sunlight, Temperature, Humidity, Water, and Grow Mix.



Some plants do well in low to medium light conditions, however most plants do best in bright, indirect light.  Direct light, or full sun can burn the leaves, while lower light conditions can cause your plants leaves to yellow, or your plant stems to become leggy searching for more light.  You’ll want to find a comfortable space in your home and it’s ok to experiment.




Most plants grow well in normal household indoor temperatures.  The plants that we sell are tropical plants so you will not want to place the plant where it gets colder than 55 F.  Ideal day time temperatures are  65 - 80 F.  Ideal night temperatures are 60 - 65F.  Make sure that you do not place your plant in a location that would receive direct airflow from an air vent.  The heat or A/C airflow directly on plants can take away needed humidity and or moisture.





Tropical plants enjoy higher humidity levels however this is not a requirement for most plants.  Higher humidity in the 60-70% range will promote more lush growth, but many plants do well at lower common household humidity levels.  Misting your plant consistently will also help provide humidity.  It is important to research your specific plant to determine ideal humidity levels and conditions. 




It is best to water your plant when the top layer of the grow mix is dry.   When you water your plant the water will drain into the planter tray.  Empty the planter tray as soon as you are able to.  Water sitting in the tray will keep the grow mix too wet which could cause potential root rot.


Premium Grow Mix
 Grow Mix

Aroid Life creates a grow mix that works great for the plants we sell.  We grow all of our plants in our Premium Aroid Grow Mix.  Most important is that you do not use garden soil that dries out quickly or condenses like sand. Choose a grow mix that drains well, is light weight, maintains moisture, and supports strong healthy roots. 


Happy Growing!